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5 Things You Need To Know About Automatic Lock Screw Machine II

5 Things You Need To Know About Automatic Lock Screw Machine II

19 Aug 2021

4. What kind of Screws cannot be used?


Before you purchase a screw fastening station, you need to be clear about the working principle of the machine and the types of screws that can be fixed in this screw fastening station. The screw head includes internal, hexagonal, flat top, flat-headed, hex, round top, corrugated, headless, self-tapping heads, etc.

 Round screws between M2 and M10 are the most basic type that can be safely used in automatic locking screw machines, those with hex and external hex screws largely depend on the type of machine being used. Besides, Headless, Flat-Headed, and Flat-Topped are not meant to be used by an automatic screw locking machine as the suction and/or compressed air blow will damage the Screw and consequently damaged the Machine and the Product where the Screw is being applied to.



5. Application of Screw Fastening Systems


The screw fasten machine is suitable for mobile phones, laptops, 3C digital products, automotive electronics, electronic components, leds, household electrical appliances, medical equipment, new energy products, LCD, SMT, connectors, RJ/network transformer, crafts, plastic, ribbon cable, metal, glass and metal industries such as technology. 


● Furniture

Screw Fastener is also a practical tool used in the assembly process of household furniture, such as the windows, tables, chairs.

● Medical Equipment Industry

Screw locking assembly robot is widely used in the medical industry. The medical equipment adopts many small-sized screws which make the assembly process difficult for the human worker. Also, screwdriver machine shines in its ability to handle fine work.

● The Aerospace Industry

It is really crucial to ensure quality control and efficiency in the aerospace industry because It's about the security of a lot of people's lives. It includes lots of sophisticated and delicate jobs, such as the assembly of circuit boards, satellite dishes, antennae, and amplifiers.


Moreover, all these jobs are using screws and that is why we need to confirm that all the screws are fixing tightly and correctly. A vital function of a screw locking machine is that it can check the fastening status of the screws. For example, the screw hasn't been tightened all the way to the bottom or has not gone in straight. Therefore, a screw fixing machine plays a crucial part in guaranteeing the safety of the work.

● Consumer Electronics

Automatic screw feeder machine is also widely used in the consumer electronics industry. These machines comprise numerous moving parts, in plastic or metal that need to be put together before the final product is ready.





The right screw tight machine can improve your production line, boost sales, and help contribute to business success. As the leading automated lack screw machine manufacturer, xiaoweizn offer high-quality fixing screw robots for sale and help you make the most out of your machine investment.

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