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Ultrasonic Terminal Welding Machine Basics

Ultrasonic Terminal Welding Machine Basics

23 Jul 2021


Ultrasonic welder is an industrial process whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. There are many types of ultrasonic welder based on application. For example, digital ultrasonic welding machine,ultrasonic welding plastic machine, ultrasonic wire welder, and hand held laser welding. In this article, we will tell you what goes into Ultrasonic terminal welding machine.


Ultrasonic terminal welding is a well -developed and established production method for joining non-ferrous metals. Especially in the automobile industry, this reliable and trend-setting technology has been used in the production of wire harnesses for decades now. Ultrasonic terminal welding is a cold, friction welding process,i.e. no liquid -melt phase occurs.


Features of Ultrasonic Metal Welder

● Low requirements on the terminal surface,no need to scrape off the oxide layer or electroplating layer.

● The welding material does not need to be melted,does not change the material characteristics,and has no pollution.

● The welding is firm and reliable,and the resistance after welding is very small or close to zero,and the conductivity is good.

● Equipped with high-performance ultrasonic metal spot welding power source,automatic tracking of transducer frequency with two control modes of time and energy.


Working Principle

Ultrasonic metal welding machine use ultrasonic frequency vibration principle to change ultrasonic vibration energy into friction energy and transfer to the metal surface to be welded ,while the friction produces heat under the pressure, the metal structure of molecules fully activation of the fusion between the molecular layer of the formation of the new equipment.

Application of Ultrasonic Metal Welding

●Copper foil welds nickel sheet; Aluminum foil welds aluminum sheet;Aluminum foil welds Nickle sheet.

● Auto splice welding, Formation of electric wire end, Wire and other metal end welding。

● Electric wire and cable welding, terminal, connector,electric parts welding.

● Solar panel battery, flat solar plate, copper and aluminum plate joints.

● Solenoid switch, fuseless switch: big currency joint point welding and dissimilar metal welding.




The durable performance stability, high performance steel imports size according to the product customization.


2.Power box

Full digital ultrasonic electric box uses the import original chip digital precision automatic tracking frequency.


3. Cylinder

AirTAC original cylinder

High pressure stable welding quality


4. Valve

Airtag original pneumatic valve

Stable pressure

Perfect filtering water vapor


5. Guide

Imported high precision guide




Ultrasonic welder machine is used in a wide range of industries and there are different kinds of ultrasonic metal welding machine based on application, such as ultrasonic metal spot welding machine, ultrasonic wire splicing machine, ultrasonic tube sealing machine. 

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