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Battery Pack Assembly Equipment

The instruments commonly used in the battery pack assembly industry are Automatic Battery Sorting Machine, Battery Pack Welding Machine, Battery Pack Testing Machine, and so on. The various battery equipment used in the battery production process allows for greater efficiency in the battery pack assembly industry.

Whether you are looking for battery-related equipment to replace an aging product line or just want to replace a single machine, as a professional supplier of battery welding machines, our battery equipment engineers are fully supportive and will help you achieve your project goals.

Battery Pack Charge and Discharge Aging Machine

Product Application ▶ Designed for 18650, 26650...lithium battery pack charge and discharge testing and aging after assembling. ▶ Suitable for: electric bicycle, swing bike, scooter, electric motorcycle, solar energy storage, large capacity energy storage, power tools battery pack ▶ Charging: Constant current and voltage charging ▶ Discharge: Constant current discharge ▶ Checking charging and discharging protection function ▶ Charging and discharging capacity recording ▶ Serial port and network connection function ▶ Computer online monitor, can manage max 254 point ▶ Store testing data in MYSQL, can review at any time ▶ Provide P+ and P- port; CH+ and CH- port

Manual Battery Pack Welding Machine

The XW-MND5000 Manual Battery Pack Spot Welding Machine is a general platform for cylinder battery pack assembling. It equipped with advanced 5000A DC inverter welding power supply, Suitable battery for pack spot welding and assembly in the factory. This machine can assembling batteries like 18650, 26650, 21700... and Nickel or Nickel-Plated Steel strips. Which support battery pack like E-Bike, Scooter, electromobil

Automatic Battery Pack Welding Machine

Automatic Battery Pack Spot Welder is a general platform of automatic processing technology based on CNC, suitable battery pack spot welding and assembly in the factory. Compared with manual spot welding, the efficiency and accuracy of welding have been greatly improved. Humanized design makes the operation and debugging very easy and convenient. Design of components built-in makes appearance more concise.

Automatic Battery Sorting Machine

▶Compact and reasonable equipment structure, beautiful appearance, small volume. ▶ Simple equipment operation, workers can easily learning. ▶ The equipment is controlled by PLC and PC. The PLC is responsible for battery feeding, battery handling and battery sorting. The PC is responsible for battery testing data collection, voltage internal resistance rating, high work efficiency, saving manpower, good product performance. ▶ Equipment materials are made of high quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal, aluminum frame. ▶ The device is equipped with universal movable casters, the device can easily move when it is displaced.