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Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Machine

Ultrasound technology is used as a physical means and tool to produce various extreme conditions in liquids, a phenomenon known as acoustic chemistry, and the associated ultrasonic equipment is known as Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Machine (referred to as "the sound of chemical equipment”).

Ultrasonication is the act of applying acoustic energy to agitate particles in a sample, mainly in pharmaceutical, chemical, and laboratory environments.

Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Machines have different classifications such as ultrasonic homogenizers, ultrasonic emulsifiers, ultrasonic extraction machines, ultrasonic mixers, ultrasonic dispersion machines, etc.

Ultrasonic dispersion devices are an application of acoustic-chemical equipment for water treatment, solid dispersion in liquid systems, solid-liquid reaction facilitation, extraction of multiple compounds from plants, pharmacy sample preparation, etc.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Machine

1. The ultrasonic sonochemistry machine is easy to install (no moving parts, no electromagnetic radiation), without changing the customer's existing production equipment and process flow.

2. Low investment in new technology, ultrasonic acoustic chemistry machine production efficiency is significantly improved.
3. Ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ultrasonic processor is suitable for high pressure and high temperature, explosive hazardous environment applications.
4. Ultrasonic sonochemical machine has low power consumption, adapts to a wide range, the equipment almost does not need to do any modification.
5. Different types of ultrasonic sonochemistry machine is an industrial preparation process, so ultrasound becomes a good support for high-quality low-cost scale preparation.

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Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Machine

Ultrasonic chemical extraction, biodiesel production, organic synthesis, governance microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants,the chemical reaction speed and yield, the catalytic efficiency, biological degradation, ultrasonic anti fouling, biological cell crushing, dispersion and agglomeration, and the chemical reaction is more and more important role.