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Ultrasonic Rolling Welding Machine

Ultrasonic rolling welding machine uses the principle of ultrasonic frequency vibration to convert ultrasonic vibration energy into friction energy and transfer it to the surface of the object to be welded, while the friction under pressure generates heat to induce full activation of structural molecules, forming a new device for fusion between molecular layers.

The ultrasonic rolling welder machine is ideal for continuous roll welding. Ultrasonic roll welder is usually used for roll welding of solar cells, flat solar panels, aluminum-plastic composite tubes, splicing of copper and aluminum plates, etc.

The ultrasonic roll welder for solar energy metal is modular designed for easy installation and convenient maintenance. The ultrasonic solar roll welding is equipped with a high-performance ultrasonic power supply with two control modes of time and energy, which can realize real-time monitoring of welding parameters such as welding speed, pressure, ultrasonic frequency, and output power.

As a manufacturer of solar panel ultrasonic welding machines, XIAOWEI manufactures ultrasonic roller welding machines with all components carefully selected, the welding process is controlled by microcomputer, human-machine interface display, easy operation, precise positioning, and high efficiency of ultrasonic transmission.

Ultrasonic Rolling Welding Machine XW-R2030 XW-R2050

Real-time monitoring of welding parameters,such as welding speed,pressure,vibration amplitude,ultrasonic frequency,output power,etc.