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Soldering Machine

Tin Soldering Robot has the advantage of saving electricity for the factory. In addition, the auto soldering machine welding joints are precise, reducing material waste and saving tin is also incomparable.

Automatic soldering robots solder out products with consistency in appearance and reliability. To a certain extent, the Single Head/ Double Head Double Station Soldering Machine improves the overall production efficiency.

Single Head/ Double Head Double Station Soldering Machine

Automatic soldering machine belong to after wave soldering reflow soldering station, main effect is the original copy of some welding can\'t furnace, its application field and industry more extensive, in principle, to use manual soldering station all can use the automatic soldering machine, due to the differences of products, there is the difference between efficiency and clamping mode, the main supply electronic products manufacturers, the main application industry are electrical appliances , toys, communication, medical apparatus and instruments, and many other industries.