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We manufacture and wholesale screw locking machines, automatic locking screw machines, robotic screw driving with auto feeder handheld screwdriver systems.

Wholesale screw locking machine features

- Small screwdriver, it won’t block workers operating vision.
- Light screwdriver, workers won’t feel heavy in operation.
- Below 50-decibel noise.
- Do not use the vibration plate. Therefore the screw without vibration will not rub off.
- The weight is only about 9 kg, transportation is very convenient.
- With intelligent alarm function (acousto-optic remind and with counting function can assist you statistical capacity.
- Ergonomic handle structure, prevent slippery, good tactility.
- Convenient, the screw can make when a hand to help stay lock products, saving a small product positioning fixture.
- Quickly, because it completely eliminates hand, scraping screw, movement, screw on the screwdriver, no waiting time, just to be on the screw holes position lock screw.
- Cleanly, due to saving his hand to take the screw, won’t cause the needle of stains on the product when you pick up the secondary screw pollution and hand sweat stains screws to make it easier to rust.

Why choose XWell wholesale screw locking machines?

1. Versatile, rugged and are “automatic feeder ready.”

2. Flexibility: Standard universal fixtures are suitable for a wide range of production requirements.

3. Extensive versatility: M1-M4 screw locking can be achieved by replacing the feed screw module.

4. Desktop-type can be placed on the production line.

5. High-rigidity aluminium alloy multi-axis design ensures reliability and accuracy.

6. More user-friendly touch screen or teaching pendant operation, easy to operate. The technician can directly adjust external technical parameters and manual test functions.

7. The screw locking mechanism can work without a teach pendant connection.

8. ODM or OEM is available.

9. Provide professional suggestions of the handheld screwdriver according to your screw bolt models and materials, as well as the locking products.

10. Various screwdrivers will be customized-built according to your screw models, shapes and locking products. Each machine will be tested and quality checked by QA before shipment.

Our Services & Strength 
Established in 2010, XWell is not only wholesale screw locking machine manufacturer but a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent equipment design, production, and sales, providing mechanical and electronic engineering technology design and consulting services. Our main products are ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic welding machines, metal/plastic welder, laser welding equipment, lithium-ion battery complete equipment, etc. We operate with our products with our own brand XWell for our global customers, and we also do many OEM & ODM productions for our customers.