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Wholesale manual battery pack welding machine, mainly used for spot welding of modular lithium battery packs, such as NB/Power Tool/Gardening Tool/High Power/storage power station battery/electric.

Wholesale manual battery pack welding machine - features

●Microcomputer control, large LCD screen display, graphical display of current working status, English comment

● Digitize the welding parameters, and the keyboard operation is clear, convenient, and fast.

● Welding voltage locking technology can prevent grid pressure fluctuations from affecting welding current.

●The welding pulse width is adjustable, the welding spatter is small, and the solder joints are not discolored.

●Wholesale manual battery pack welding machine can realize single pulse and double pulse and multi-pulse welding

●Wholesale manual battery pack welding machine can store 10 welding specifications.

●With two-stage current monitoring and comparison function, the current abnormal sound and light alarm effectively prevent the occurrence of false welding phenomenon.

●With a 5-digit counter, calculate the number of a successful welding and set the counting alarm, prompting repair of the welding pin.

● With fault self-diagnosis function, display corresponding fault points, convenient for maintenance.