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Ultrasonic generator (or power source) is a device used to generate and provide ultrasonic energy to the ultrasonic transducer to make it work at the resonant frequency. According to its excitation mode, it can be divided into two kinds: one is other-excited, the other is self-excited. The other-excited ultrasonic generator mainly consists of two parts: the front stage is the signal generator, and the backstage is the power amplifier. 

Generally, the ultrasonic energy is added to the transducer through the coupling of the output transformer. The self-excited ultrasonic generator connects the signal generator, power amplifier, output transformer, and transducer as a whole to form a closed-loop. 

So that the entire generator can generate enough power through amplitude and phase feedback so that the transducer can automatically keep resonance at the mechanical resonance frequency.

Our ultrasonic generators use the world's leading alternative oscillating circuit structure. This self-excited oscillating circuit structure increases the output power by more than 10%. 

The ultrasonic amplifying circuit adopts a linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit. These circuits have high conversion efficiency, and it does not strictly require circuit matching, allowing the operating frequency to change continuously and rapidly.

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