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XWell manufactures and supplies professional, commercial, and industrial ultrasonic food cutters for confectioners, bakers, and the food industry all around the world. 

We offer a wide range of ultrasonic food cutters & cutting machines for cutting and slicing without product damage - fast equal portioning or slicing of the square, round, and other shape products. We also manufacture complete production lines with ultrasonic food cutters integrated and custom-made solutions. 

Ultrasonic food cutter applications

XWell offers a complete line of specialized equipment and components for ultrasonic food cutting. Compared to conventional cutters, ultrasonic food cutters are more sanitary, with less downtime, better cost-effectiveness, and increased consistency at the cutting surface where the blades stay sharp longer.

Cutting tools are manufactured in-house by a precision wire EDM process that reduces stress for longer life. We also provide full customization of OEM components, kits, and knife horns. Typical applications include cheese cutting, cake and dessert product cutting, confectionary product cutting, meat cutting, sandwich, and wrap cutting.

More applications of ultrasonic food cutters

* Cake,Sandwich, biscuit, wafer, nougat

* Frozen cakes and pies

Frozen fish

Snack and health bars

Fresh/frozen prepared meats

Dough or baked COOKIEs

Soft and hard cheeses

Fresh/frozen vegetables

Candy and confections

Ice cream bars

Intelligent automation: We are experts in designing and manufacturing industrial ultrasonic slicing, cutting, portioning, and handling machines and automated solutions in China. We manufacture and distribute our quality products to customers worldwide. We design and supply complete production lines to customers' needs, desires, and circumstances to optimize production processes. Our expertise in ultrasonic food cutters can meet all your needs and find the best possible solution.

Also, we offer service packages and global telephone, remote and on-site support to support your business, so wherever you are in the world, we can be there to help you.