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Xwell is one of the top ultrasonic extraction equipment manufacturers in China. Our ultrasonic extraction equipment is suitable for normal pressure and normal temperature ultrasonic extraction, ultrasonic extraction, dynamic thermal reflux extraction and organic solvent recovery extraction processes in Chinese medicine, health care products, biology, medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries. 

Ultrasonic extraction equipment can be dynamic continuous ultrasonic extraction. It is ideal for universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, R&D departments, laboratories of enterprises and institutions, multi-species and small-batch pharmaceutical production.

High conversion rate: This device uses the unique physical effect of ultrasound and cavitation to break or deform the plant cell tissue. The strengthening of vibration between solute particles, acceleration impact and acoustic pressure shear make the material form local point extreme high temperature and high pressure. Compared with the traditional process, the extraction rate is increased by 45%.

High efficiency: Ultrasonic extraction equipment is our latest ultra-compact ultrasonic dynamic thermal reflux extraction and concentration device. Based on the original dynamic hot reflux extraction device, this device optimizes the ultrasonic generator and solvent recovery equipment into one device. 

The production process of ultrasonic dynamic extraction, extraction, filtration, solvent recovery and oil condensation can be completed in one step. It greatly saves raw materials and working hours, and the working efficiency is 60% to 80% higher than the general extraction equipment.