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Ultrasonic cutting includes handheld equipment and multiple systems integrated into automated machines. Ultrasonic cutting machines can provide precise and pressure-free cutting, which can avoid the deformation of soft-cut materials (such as cakes). Cutting the edges of specific materials while welding allows for fast cutting and significantly reduces cleaning costs.

Ultrasonic cutting machine is a new type of device that uses ultrasonic energy for cutting, which can replace traditional blade cutting. The ultrasonic cutting machine has the advantages of smooth cutting, reliable, accurate cutting edge with no deformation, linting, slippage, and wrinkling. In addition,  it can avoid rough cutting edge, scorched edge, hairball, and other disadvantages of laser cutting machine.

Ultrasonic cutting machine - Benefits:
1. Cutting blades can be replaced to improve production efficiency and save costs
2. Light weight
3. Accurate cutting
4. Large amplitude, easy to cut
5. Compressed air cooling, long working hours

Ultrasonic cutting machine - Applications: 
1. Natural fiber, synthetic fiber, various chemical fiber cloth
2. Thin plastic products, such as plastic films, cell phone cases
3. Paper, the base film
4. rubber, silicone
5. abs, pp, pe (thickness less than 2mm)
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