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XWell is one of the professional ultrasonic cake cutter suppliers in China. Our ultrasonic cake cutters are from the previous paragraph intelligent cutting machine upgrade transformation, as a new generation of economical ultrasonic food processing equipment. 

Retains its fully automatic, multi-slice mode and high-efficiency characteristics, and with the conveyor belt and external protective cover to ensure food production efficiency and process of food safety. 

The machine is easy to use, and the traditional food production line for enterprise product development and upgrading to do the facade bedding to adapt to greater market consumer demand.

The device has many cutting modes, including circular cutting, strip slicing, rectangular cut square, rectangular cut triangle, and so on. Working speed and angle, and other factors are adjustable.

Ultrasonic cake cutter advantages
• Cut to achieve contactless, zero pressure cutting processing mode.
• Treat creamy jelly and other sticky food sticky knives, smooth and beautiful.
• Fully automatic product positioning, according to the needs of all-around cutting.
• The cutting product can be positioned and cut according to the parameters entered in advance.
• Automatic use of conveyor belts for efficient food cutting, saving manpower.
• Respond to market consumers’ needs to maximize food hygiene and safety.

Ultrasonic cake cutter applications
Ultrasonic cake cutter machine can be applied to the brittle food (cake, bread, pizza, sandwich, etc.) for circular, rectangular, triangular, and other shapes to achieve its optimal cutting effect.