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There are two processes commonly used in automatic soldering machines: point soldering and drag solderingXWell, spot soldering robot machine manufacturers believe that you need to satisfy some requirements, whether you choose spot soldering or drag soldering. 

For example, the drag soldering process needs to meet the same solder joint spacing and solder joints to achieve even distribution. What are the main reasons to choose a spot soldering robot machine for spot soldering?

* When the distribution of solder joints is not uniform, it is necessary to choose the method of spot soldering for soldering electronic components. The soldering method of spot soldering is used for soldering because the distribution of solder joints is uneven, or the requirement for solder joint fullness is quite high, so the spot soldering robot machine is chosen.

*  When the solder joint requires a high degree of fullness, a spot soldering robot machine can be selected to solder the circuit board. The distribution of the solder joints is relatively uniform, but the solder joint requires a higher degree of fullness. Usually, the spot soldering process is also selected.

* For high-speed spot soldering, the precision solder joints should be soldered by spot soldering. When the plug-in is fixed, choose high-speed spot welding to realize the precision solder joints. The spot efficiency of XWell spot soldering robot machine is very high.

* In the case of different solder joint requirements, choose a spot soldering robot machine. The drag soldering process cannot achieve the different solder joint requirements because the automatic solder spot soldering process is relatively suitable. Many products have different solder joints. The requirements for uniform tin plating are also different.

* There are too few solder joints. When the number of solder joints on the circuit board is relatively small, such as only 2 solder joints, it is generally not recommended to use the drag soldering process. In contrast, spot soldering robot machines will have more advantages.

Any questions about spot soldering robot machines, please feel free to contact us - XWell. We can provide a series of spot soldering robot machine solutions to satisfy all your needs!