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XWell is a specialist in screw fastening automation, with a variety of demo systems in R&D labs. Our screw fastening robots offer a wide range of screw fastening solutions designed to automate the screw locking process to minimize labor on the production line. In addition to increasing productivity without the need for additional workers, these also provide reliable type consistent screw tightening with the same torque.

Screw fastening robots are fully integrated and include robots, electric drives, and screw feeder systems. Our automation department can customize the system to meet your needs.

-The robot is repeatable to an accuracy of +/-.01mm. 
-The electric drive/robot can also monitor the screw depth to ensure that the screw is fixed correctly and has reached the programmed torque value. 
-Various screw feeder systems can be changed in less than 5 minutes for different screw types and sizes, including a blow feeder for higher volume applications.
-The controller can store the program.