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XWell has engaged in hand held ultrasonic cut food mesa manufacturing for many years. The handheld ultrasonic food cut machines are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. They are small enough to be handheld for many operations. They can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily.

Handheld ultrasonic food cutter features:
- Cut the material quickly and precisely
- Smooth and traceless cutting edge
- Powerful, effective, reliable
- Low cost, easy operator. An operator only handles the probe and step the footswitch. So anybody can use it easily.

Handheld ultrasonic food cutter applications:
1. For bakery and snack foods
2. For candy and confectionery
3. For cheese, fish, prepared meat and vegetables
4. For health bars, chocolates, sandwiches and wrap cutting
5. For dry fruit, poultry, potted processed meat and grand meat

Handheld ultrasonic food cutter advantages:
- High energy conversion efficiency, more than 90%;
The vibration of the ultrasonic food processing system using high-frequency waves to cut food quickly;
Provides a new way to cut piece, cutting, steering, and transfer alignment or different kinds of food;
Makes the cost of production flow minimization;
Especially for cutting high viscosity food;
Cutting is very hygienic;
The cut food looks neat and beautiful;
Suitable for the automated assembly lines, you do not have to make a lot of changes to the original line, saving production costs.