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Our e-bike battery pack welding machine is widely used in e-bike battery packs welding. From 0.1mm - 0.5mm battery tabs and strips. With good welding effect, smallest welding sparks, and firm welding. XWell has been committed to precision welding and hot welding, and R & D and production equipment. Products are widely used in batteries, electronics, thermal instrumentation, precision metal products industries. 

E-bike battery pack welding machine is a kind of precision welding, which is a new welding method that has been widely used in developed countries. With the rapid development of China's electronics industry, precise welding & connection have become increasingly demanding.

Precision welding in foreign countries developed relatively mature, but welding in the country is an emerging subject. XWell has been concerned about advanced precision welding equipment and technology. XWell in the field of welding expert with first-class, and electrical, mechanical engineers, according to the actual needs of domestic customers with a series of precision resistance welding products. 

From e-bike battery pack welding machine, the AC pulse, double pulse-type energy storage capacitors, high-frequency inverter, each into the system. Power range is a wide variety of products to meet customer requirements for welding. Product quality can be comparable with U.S. or Japanese products. Highly competitive on price, service localization, the rapid customer feedback is our great advantage.