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XWell customized ultrasonic metal welding machine for wire provides a wide range of configurations for metal welding. Each configuration is optimized and improved for research and development with advanced ultrasonic metal welding technology.

Accurate focus
Various functional elements such as welding head position and load alternator can be adjusted quickly and safely. The welding head in the bracket has the best support, and the welding effect is stable.

Fast and convenient product switching
- Innovative device concept for a wide range of parts and applications
- The device can be positioned and switched via a plug-in connection
- Quickly exchange format groups

High level of mechanization, safety and stability

Unique welding head and mounting piece design ensure the stability of the equipment. It only takes a few minutes to change the welding head accurately.

Powerful metal welding systems and components
As a strong presence in the china ultrasonic welding industry, XWell has a unique, comprehensive production line for bonding copper, aluminum, gold, silver, brass, and special conductive metals. Our welding equipment offers advanced processes and controls in various assembly applications, such as wiring, terminals, battery fittings, cable processing, seam welding, pipe sealing, radiators, and coils.

We offer a complete metal welding system, including the customized ultrasonic metal welding machine for wire, wire splicer, battery packing welder machine, tube terminator, seam welding machine, terminal welder. Ultrasonic kits such as welding horns and transducers can be customized.