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Customized battery strip laser welding with a galvanometer provide high welding efficiency, at least 3 times higher than ordinary laser welding machines. It can make capable of welding points, straight lines, and various shapes. And the laser has high stability, adjustable power, and daily maintenance-free. With an extended X, Y motion axis, the welding range is extended.

- Customized battery strip laser welding equips a high-precision galvanometer welding system that can effectively ensure welding accuracy.

- Customized battery strip laser welding machines with XYZ three-axis is servo motor, extensive stroke range meets production needs, high precision, and fast speed.

- 2022 customized battery strip laser welding, which has welding fixtures are customized according to customer drawings, with high precision.

- With an advanced monitoring system of customized battery strip laser welding, real-time monitoring and accurate positioning can be achieved.