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20khz Ultrasonic Generator Advantages
The intelligent ultrasonic generator machines feature a compact structure, simple and generous appearance, easy operation, flexible movement, and convenient maintenance. The whole circuit is developed by our company independently. They have the characteristics of wide frequency tracking range, high-frequency tracking accuracy, large instantaneous ultrasonic energy output, strong force, fast response, high control accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability, etc.
20khz Ultrasonic Generator Applications
Ultrasound has a very wide range of applications. In general, we are familiar with the use in medicine and the military. In addition, the industrial field is also widely used, such as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic flaw detection, ultrasonic grinding, polishing, etc. 

Ultrasonic welding is commonly used for welding, riveting, implanting molding of ABS, PC, PS, PE, PP, PET, acrylic, and other engineering plastic products, auto parts, cell phone cases, musical instruments, headphones, chargers, toys, electronic watches, folders, water bottles, cell phone batteries, medical components, and more.

20khz Ultrasonic Generator Features
* Using the color LCD touch screen, friendly man-machine interface, easy to set up and save debugging time. 
* Overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
* The cabinet is made of a thick cold-rolled plate spraying process, which is very durable. 
* The weight of the overall radiator shape is about 2KG, with good cooling performance. 
* Pure copper transformer, sufficient power, and high efficiency.

- Low noise
- Automatic frequency-tracking
- Wide frequency tracking range
- High-frequency tracking accuracy
- High instantaneous power output
- Fast response, high control accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability
- Compact structure, simple and elegant appearance, easy operation, flexible movement, and easy maintenance