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Other Auto-equipment

Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, and other areas. The use of automation technology greatly increases labor productivity and can free people from heavy manual labor work environments.

XIAOWEI is engaged in the design, production, and sales of intelligent equipment. XIAOWEI has accumulated rich engineering experience and provides modern intelligent equipment such as Automatic Lock Screw-MachineSoldering MachineRobot Automatic Dispenser, etc. to improve your production efficiency, reduce production and labor costs, and meet your different production needs.

Automatic Lock Screw Machine

Automatic lock screw machine is an automated equipment that can replace manual screw locking. As the production cost of enterprises is getting higher and higher, labor costs are rising, and automatic screw machines will replace most of the screw locking stations, which are simple to operate, convenient to use, and efficient.

Single Head/ Double Head Double Station Soldering Machine

Automatic soldering machine belong to after wave soldering reflow soldering station, main effect is the original copy of some welding can\'t furnace, its application field and industry more extensive, in principle, to use manual soldering station all can use the automatic soldering machine, due to the differences of products, there is the difference between efficiency and clamping mode, the main supply electronic products manufacturers, the main application industry are electrical appliances , toys, communication, medical apparatus and instruments, and many other industries.

Robot Automatic Dispenser

Match the dispensing valve and control system, the use of glue dispensing controller will be hit, triaxial manipulator, complete the dispensing operation, realize the point glue, drip, and other functions, can also according to actual needs, development of non-standard equipment, meet the demand of other production