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Glove Box with H2O & O2 Purification System and Hinged Front Window for Cylindrical Cell

XW-GL750 is a stainless steel glove box designed for researches in material science, chemistry, semiconductor, and related topics.
The purification cylinder is made of BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst and Lindy Molecular Sieve in order to achieve a low water and oxygen concentration of lower than 1ppm, such that experiments can be conducted in a ultra-clean and highly purified gas environment. It is integrated with vapor pressure control system, purity control system, automatic gas purity regeneration control system, and system data log recording. EQ-VGB-6 is widely used in preparing Nano materials, Li-ion battery materials, catalysts, and metalorganics.

Glove Box withO2Purification System and Hinged Front Window for Cylindrical Cell

Split-able test cell is designed for R&D of rechargeable battery material. It can accept various sizes of (5, 10,12, 15, 19,20, and 24 mm diameter) electrodes and separators and test the electrodes easily and quickly.