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Cylinderical Cell Laboratory Machine

XIAOWEI Cylinderical Cell Laboratory Machine systems are ideally suited for welding non-ferrous metals to meet the production needs of OEMs in automotive, electronics, and other industries.

Battery Crimping Machine Hydraulic Crimping Machine For Cylindrical Cases

XW-CFZ650 is a compact hydraulic crimper for sealing all types of cylinder cases in battery R&D labs. The compact body design allows it to be easily placed inside a glove box and thus preventing contamination of the electrolyte materials during cell assembly. Simple operation with safety protection feature allows customers to master the sealing procedure within 5 minutes. It is mainly used for 18650 battery and Button battery crimping and disassembling.

Li-ion Battery Electrolyte Degassing Chamber for Cylindrical Cell

XW-JZ200 electrolyte diffusion chamber is specifically designed for professional Li-ion Battery Research. It is mainly used for removing air from the electrolyte after it’s been injected into the polymer Li-ion cell/cylinder cell or after the formation for final sealing under a vacuumed condition. It is easy to operate and suitable for all types of batteries (especially soft bag battery and cylinder battery). Unique periods of vacuum control system allows electrolyte to thoroughly saturate the electrodes to ensure the best battery charging-discharging performance.

Glove Box withO2Purification System and Hinged Front Window for Cylindrical Cell

Split-able test cell is designed for R&D of rechargeable battery material. It can accept various sizes of (5, 10,12, 15, 19,20, and 24 mm diameter) electrodes and separators and test the electrodes easily and quickly.

Desktop Semi-auto Grooving Machine For Cylinder Cell Case

XW-GC650 series is a desktop semi-auto grooving machine. It is used for grooving various cylindrical cases including CR123,18650, 26650, 32650 and AA. With customized grooving die. This machine can also be used for aluminum shell capacitor uniform automatic roll groove.

Lithium Battery Semi-auto Winding Machine

XW-JR135 is a semi-automatic winder for winding electrode and separator together in the research of Li-ion pouch and cylinder batteries.

Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welding Machine for Battery Cell Tab Welding

Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welding is a well-developed and established production method for joining non-ferrous metals.Especially in the automobile industry, this reliable and trend-setting technology has been used in the production of wire harnesses for decades now. Ultrasonic metal welding is a cold, friction welding process, i.e. no liquid-melt phase occurs. The parts being joined are rubbed together at their contact surfaces under slight pressure. Compared with crimping or resistance welding, this process offers numerous advantages. Besides the excellent electrical properties of the joint and the extremely low energy consumption, this method is particularly characterized by comprehensive process control and process data management.