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Coin Cell Laboratory Machine

XIAOWEI automatic Coin Cell Laboratory Machine systems are ideally suited for welding non-ferrous metals to meet the production needs of OEMs in automotive, electronics, and other industries.

Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Coin Cell Battery Researching

Split-able test cell is designed for R&D of rechargeable battery material. It can accept various sizes of (5, 10,12, 15, 19,20, and 24 mm diameter) electrodes and separators and test the electrodes easily and quickly.

Compact Hydraulic Coin Cell Crimper Machine for Button Cells

XW-CX120 is a newly designed coin cell disassembler with lighter weight and a smaller footprint. The coin cell disassembling machine is suitable for disassembling various types of coin cells, such as CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016, without destroying the internals of the cell in order to study the materials inside. It can also disassemble CR2325, CR2450, and other special size cases with optional die sets. In addition, customers can easily replace the original die for crimping purpose. XW-CX120 is an ideal tool for operations in a glove box.

Digital Pipetting Device Pipette Filler For Coin Cell Electrolyte Dispensing

XW-BD is an ergonomic, intuitive electronic pipette made in Germany used for dispensing electrolyte (LiPF6 for Li-ion Battery) to small Coin Cells from battery research and material coating for Spin Coating in most material research laboratories. 2.The soft-touch pipette key, adjustable finger-rest, light weight and innovative tip cone minimize static strain and operational forces, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). This is the first electronic pipette to be awarded the “Ergonomics Approved” and “User-Friendly” certification from the prestigious TÜV testing service, an OSHA-accredited testing laboratory.

Glove Box with H2O & O2 Purification System and Hinged Front Window

XW-GL750 is a stainless steel glove box designed for researches in material science, chemistry, semiconductor, and related topics. The purification cylinder is made of BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst and Lindy Molecular Sieve in order to achieve a low water and oxygen concentration of lower than 1ppm, such that experiments can be conducted in a ultra-clean and highly purified gas environment. It is integrated with vapor pressure control system, purity control system, automatic gas purity regeneration control system, and system data log recording. EQ-VGB-6 is widely used in preparing Nano materials, Li-ion battery materials, catalysts, and metalorganics.

0.1mg 0.0001g Density Balance Specific Gravity Balance

Accurate weighing to achieve reliable results appropriate sample preparation and careful data processing are critical. If there is no room for compromise and if you need better performance and durability, XWELL’s rugged and easy-to-use analytical balance is the perfect choice for you. Our analytical balance readings have a wide accuracy range — from 0.002 mg to 0.1 mg, with ranges from 41 g to 520 g, covering all analytical workflows.

Coin Cell Disc Cutter Disk Cutting Machine

XW-CP60 is a compact disc cutter with quality sliding rail with ball bearing for precision cutting. It can be easily placed into a glove box with a transition chamber diameter larger than 230mm. The disk cutter is suitable for various types of coin cells such as CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016 with customized cutter die from 10mm to 24mm This tool is manually operated and is designed for cutting round discs from thin metal sheet/foil (< 0.5 mm) or separator film (<30um). The resulting discs can be used as electrode/ separator discs of split test cell and coin cell for battery researches as well as TEM sample preparation.