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5 Channel Battery Sorting Machine for 18650 21700 Cylindrical Cell

1.The separator adopts new hopper type automatic feeding structure, feeding high speed and stable, no impact and scratch on the battery;Direct manual feeding of the whole box, can realize uninterrupted production.

2.18650 battery separator detection part of the high accuracy and high stability of internal resistance detector, feeding part of the high speed and high stability feeding mechanism.

3.18650 automatic sorting machine feeding manipulator adopts servo manipulator multi PCS feeding structure.Make each battery feeding time less than 1 second.

4.The material box of the sorting machine adopts multi-file structure, with full alarm function, and the end of the material box opens the door for quick and convenient feeding.

5.battery separator internal resistance and voltage detection results are analyzed by the computer to generate classified data and generate graphs and bar graphs at the same time, convenient for intuitive statistics and display of mass production quality.The detection system has the database function, which can query and export the historical detection data

5 Channel Battery Sorting Machine for 18650 21700 Cylindrical Cell

▶Compact and reasonable equipment structure, beautiful appearance, small volume. ▶ Simple equipment operation, workers can easily learning. ▶ The equipment is controlled by PLC and PC. The PLC is responsible for battery feeding, battery handling and battery sorting. The PC is responsible for battery testing data collection, voltage internal resistance rating, high work efficiency, saving manpower, good product performance. ▶ Equipment materials are made of high quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal, aluminum frame. ▶ The device is equipped with universal movable casters, the device can easily move when it is displaced.