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Battery Pack Welding Machine

The Battery Packs Spot Welder can be divided into manual battery pack spot welder and automatic battery pack spot welder. The user-friendly design of the Cell Pack Welding Machine makes operation and commissioning very easy and convenient, which is ideal for production line batch generation.

The Manual battery pack spot welder is equipped with an advanced inverter welding power supply, which is suitable for battery pack spot welding and factory assembly. It supports battery packs for EV cell battery, electric vehicle battery pack, scooter battery pack, etc.

The Automatic battery pack spot welder is a universal platform based on CNC automatic processing technology, which improves the efficiency and precision of welding compared with manual spot welding.

Manual Battery Pack Welding Machine

The XW-MND5000 Manual Battery Pack Spot Welding Machine is a general platform for cylinder battery pack assembling. It equipped with advanced 5000A DC inverter welding power supply, Suitable battery for pack spot welding and assembly in the factory. This machine can assembling batteries like 18650, 26650, 21700... and Nickel or Nickel-Plated Steel strips. Which support battery pack like E-Bike, Scooter, electromobil

Automatic Battery Pack Welding Machine

Automatic Battery Pack Spot Welder is a general platform of automatic processing technology based on CNC, suitable battery pack spot welding and assembly in the factory. Compared with manual spot welding, the efficiency and accuracy of welding have been greatly improved. Humanized design makes the operation and debugging very easy and convenient. Design of components built-in makes appearance more concise.