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Battery Grading Machine

An Battery Grading machine is used for testing and sorting parameters such as internal resistance and voltage of cylindrical batteries. The equipment enters into the specified gears according to the internal resistance and voltage value of batteries set on the computer software, and the system can realize multi-level sorting of batteries.

The battery automatic sorting machine is suitable for the electric car battery pack, street light battery pack, car battery module, mobile power, laptop battery pack, and so on.

With simple and generous structure design and stable performance, the automatic battery sorting machine is one of the cost-effective battery sorting equipment.

512 Channel 5V 6A Cylindrical Battery Cell Grading Machine

The Battery Grading Machine is mainly used for formation and capacity grading of cylindrical lithium ion batteries. Formation is first small current charging of a newly built lithium ion battery, aimed at forming a passivation layer on the surface of the negative electrode, that is, the solid electrolyte boundary film (SEI film). Capacity grading means test the capacity of the cell via charge and discharge process, and grading the cells according the capacity value. This is for balance the battery pack assembling. Battery Grading Machine is mainly composed of computer system, control software, communication interface and battery detection cabinet. The battery detection cabinet is composed of a clamp and a board body for placing the clamp, a charging constant current and voltage source, a discharging constant current source, a storage control circuit, a current sampling circuit, a voltage sampling circuit, a main control CPU, a data memory, a single-chip microcomputer program and a control panel.