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Battery Charge and Discharge Aging Machine

The instruments commonly used in the battery pack assembly industry are Automatic Battery Sorting Machine, Battery Pack Welding Machine, Battery Pack Testing Machine, and so on. The various battery equipment used in the battery production process allows for greater efficiency in the battery pack assembly industry.

Whether you are looking for battery-related equipment to replace an aging product line or just want to replace a single machine, as a professional supplier of battery welding machines, our battery equipment engineers are fully supportive and will help you achieve your project goals.

100V 20A Charge 40A Discharge Battery Pack Charge and Discharge Aging Machine

The Battery Pack Charge and Discharge Aging Machine is mainly used for the charge and discharge cycle test of the finished lithium battery. The test items include: battery charge protection voltage, discharge protection voltage, battery capacity, etc.; the equipment has 4 test steps of charging, discharging, shelving, and cycling. You can make the battery test in accordance with the set process. The test functions are: 1) Battery charge protection voltage 2) Discharge protection voltage 3) Battery capacity