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1-24 Series BMS PCB Board Testing Machine for Battery Pack Assembly

The Battery Packs Spot Welder can be divided into manual battery pack spot welder and automatic battery pack spot welder. The user-friendly design of the Cell Pack Welding Machine makes operation and commissioning very easy and convenient, which is ideal for production line batch generation.

The Manual battery pack spot welder is equipped with an advanced inverter welding power supply, which is suitable for battery pack spot welding and factory assembly. It supports battery packs for EV cell battery, electric vehicle battery pack, scooter battery pack, etc.

The Automatic battery pack spot welder is a universal platform based on CNC automatic processing technology, which improves the efficiency and precision of welding compared with manual spot welding.

1-24 Series BMS PCB Board Testing Machine for Battery Pack Assembly

The PBTS series multi-function BMS board testing machine is mainly used to testing the BMS board specifications is within the parameters which declared by the BMS board supplier, so as to provide a set of testing standards for the staff. It is suitable for power battery BMS board manufacturers and power battery pack manufacturers. The test functions are: 1) overcharge protection voltage 2) overcharge recovery voltage 3) over discharge protection voltage 4) over discharge recovery voltage 5) over discharge current protection 6) short circuit protection performance test 7) charging current protection 9) equalization opening voltage 10) equalization real-time current 11) BMS board total consumption 12) single section self consumption current 13) overcharge protection delay 14) over discharge protection delay 15) overcurrent protection delay 16) internal resistance