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Automatic Battery Sorting Machine

An automatic battery sorting machine is used for testing and sorting parameters such as internal resistance and voltage of cylindrical batteries. The equipment enters into the specified gears according to the internal resistance and voltage value of batteries set on the computer software, and the system can realize multi-level sorting of batteries.

The battery automatic sorting machine is suitable for the electric car battery pack, street light battery pack, car battery module, mobile power, laptop battery pack, and so on.

With simple and generous structure design and stable performance, the automatic battery sorting machine is one of the cost-effective battery sorting equipment.

Automatic Battery Sorting Machine

▶Compact and reasonable equipment structure, beautiful appearance, small volume. ▶ Simple equipment operation, workers can easily learning. ▶ The equipment is controlled by PLC and PC. The PLC is responsible for battery feeding, battery handling and battery sorting. The PC is responsible for battery testing data collection, voltage internal resistance rating, high work efficiency, saving manpower, good product performance. ▶ Equipment materials are made of high quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal, aluminum frame. ▶ The device is equipped with universal movable casters, the device can easily move when it is displaced.